How large can we print?

Our digital output in-house is 5’ wide and we print on rolls up to 150’ long. Prints can be tiled to produce full color images any size though. Through our strategic partnerships we can produce banners up to 8’ wide on rolls up to 100’ long.

How long do digital prints last?

Depending on the material used and environmental conditions, we produce graphics that can last indefinitely under indoor conditions. Outdoor applications, such as banners, signs, and vehicle wraps can last several years, depending on finishing options like over laminates. All Mixed Media inks are UV-resistant.

Does lamination affect color?

Gloss lamination tends to make prints look slightly more vibrant. Matte lamination will prevent unwanted glare (important for trade show exhibits or backdrops being used on television or camera) but does not enhance color. Both our gloss and matte laminate are protect from UV and the UV inhibitor may shift color slightly.

How accurate is the color?

Our 6 color CMYK +LC +LM Latex Printers do not match SWOP inks exactly, so output is not identical to what comes from offset printing. Pantone (PMS) color matches are not guaranteed, but the color range we can reproduce is within 95% of the CMYK Pantone standards. If PMS colors are critical, we recommend hard proofs which can be requested and produced at a nominal fee.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Mixed Media Concepts accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Cash & Check as well as ACH Bank Transfers.  Regular business clients may request Net 30 terms. Terms are subject to credit approval and an initial order of $1000. Net 30 terms will be revoked for clients who do not pay on a timely bas

Vehicle Magnets

Manufacturer Graphic Care and Maintenance Links

Magnum Magnetics – Use, Care & Cleaning (PDF)

How should I clean my vehicle magnets?

  • To guard against moisture and dirt buildup between the magnet and the metal surface, remove the magnet at regular intervals.
  • The front of the magnetic can be cleaned with Windex. The brown magnetic back may be cleaned with soapy water. Wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air dry.
  • To protect fresh clear coat, base coat and/or vinyl surfaces on new cars and trucks, remove magnetic signs daily.

What is the proper way to apply my vehicle magnets?

  • Affix to a smooth, flat or gently curved metallic surface.
  • Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface with no air pockets.
  • To reposition the magnet, remove the entire magnet from the surface and reaffix. Do not pull the magnetic sign across the surface, as it may stretch.
  • Avoid use on horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight (such as automobile hoods) or temperatures exceeding 150 degrees F.
  • Be aware that long-term use on surfaces frequently exposed to sunlight (such as vehicles) can result in uneven fading of the surface because the magnet-covered area is shielded from ultraviolet rays.
  • Avoid use on non-metallic body fillers, simulated wood grain siding and repainted surfaces.
  • Avoid excess driving speeds when using your magnetics as they may blow off if not properly cared for.
  • Remove magnetics in areas where they may be stolen, as this can happen.

How should I prepare my vehicle for my magnets?

  • Before affixing your magnetic sign to your vehicle, be sure all surface paints, clear coats and waxes are cured (hardened).*
    *approx. curing times: paint – 90 days; clear coat – 60 days; wax – 2 days
  • Clean the metallic surface with Windex and allow to dry.

How should I store my magnets when I am not using them?

  • When not using your flexible magnetic sign, keep it in a clean, dry place.
  • Store your magnetic flat. Be sure they are on a level surface. Avoid placing objects on top that could damage the face. Do not stack with magnetic sides facing each other.

Warranty Info

Do you offer a warranty on signs?

Mixed Media Concepts offers a 1yr warranty on all premium signs produced. The warranty covers the substrate, base vinyl and overlaminate film used (installation/removal are not covered). Any misuse or intentional application to a substrate not recommended also voids the warranty. Economy, budget, and temporary signage has not warranty. If you have question about what products are coverage by our sign warranty please ask us at the time of your quote request or order.

Do you offer a warranty on vehicle wraps?

Mixed Media Concepts warranty covers the base wrap vinyl and overlaminate film when used in the manufacturer specified combination with each other. The use of any other base vehicle wrap film or over laminating film voids the Mixed Media Concepts vehicle wrap warranty. Mixed Media Concepts guarantees the interior and exterior durability of the Mixed Media Concepts Warranty as stated in the respective product bulletins. This is based on vertical application and that the product is within the 1-year shelf life. Any misuse or intentional application to a substrate not mentioned in the application guide also voids the warranty.

Wrap Warranty (PDF)


Will a wrap damage my paint?

In most cases, vehicle wraps will not damage FACTORY paint jobs. Typically, the wrap will actually protect your paint from sun damage, minor abrasions and stone chips. It is important to talk with us and pre-test your paint job prior to wrapping with vinyl. Paint in poor condition and aftermarket paint jobs may peel when vinyl is removed. New paint needs several weeks to cure before a wrap is installed.*
*-approx. curing times: paint – 90 days, clear coat – 60 days

How long will my wrap last?

The life of your wrap depends on many factors such as weather conditions, care and overall treatment. A high performance cast vinyl wrap using our Latex inks and a UV protective over laminate can last up to 5 years.

Perforated window film is much more sensitive however, since it is compromised with perforation. You may see edges of window perf begin to detach or for the laminate to break down under severe heat after 18-24 months. The perforated window vinyl can be replaced without replacing the rest of the wrap.

How do I maintain my wrap?

  • Wait one week after your vehicle wrap installation to wash.
  • Keep your vehicle clean. Hand washing your vehicle with a sponge and mild soapy water is ideal however a high pressure sprayer can be used from a distance with tepid or cold water. Never put the nozzle directly on your wrap or against a seam. The vinyl could rip or tear. Also, never take your vehicle through an automatic car wash with bristles. The bristles can damage your vinyl wrap which could lead to costly repairs.
  • Leave windows up for three days if you have window graphics. Thereafter, avoid rolling windows down as much as possible.
  • Never use a rear-window wiper on a wrapped window as it leaves a wear pattern in the laminate.
  • To prolong life of the graphic, it is best to keep it under cover when not in use.
  • Manufacturer Graphic Care and Maintenance Links
    • Avery – Cleaning and maintenance of vehicle wraps (PDF)
    • 3M – Caring for your vehicle graphic (PDF)